The heart of Kiel beats in the Old City!

In the Old City of Kiel its historical charm meets modern day shopping opportunities. Where the maritime wind gusts blow through every street and coffee shop you know are in the heart of Kiel.

If you are looking for something special you will find it here. From traditional family owned businesses to small boutique and stores – your shopping trip will lead you to exciting discoveries in Kiel’s historical center.

There are a wide selection of restaurants, coffee shops and bars as well as entertainment.

On your trip through the Old City you will always find pieces and sites of Kiel’s history. Monuments and historical buildings such as the St. Nikolai Church, the monastery and the Warleberger Hof, the old Rantzau building, the city and maritime museum and the museum harbor invite you to learn about their significance. The ferries and cruise ships that connect Kiel with Scandinavia pass the Old City daily and add to the unique setting in the Old City. During the cruise liner season from April to September the beautiful ships make their calls right at the Old City.

Discover the heart of Kiel – experience the Old City of Kiel!