event calendar

Many events happen throughout the year in Kiel’s Old City and always offer a reason for a visit.

Early November

Scandinavia Days

Kiel is open for shopping on Sunday (1 pm to 6 pm)

Be prepared for a colorful program when Kiel celebrates the cultures of its Scandinavian neighbors.


End of Nov. until 24th Dec.

Christmas Market

With traditional punch, food stands
and arts and craft.


End of February

Kieler Umschlag

4 event days and Kiel is open for
shopping on Sunday (1 pm - 6 pm)

The historical event with food stands, old handcrafts,
jugglers, music and culture is a party in the whole of the Old City.





Stores are open until 11 pm

Theater plays, acts, readings and much more
on the streets invite for a late night shopping experience.


Last full week of June

Kieler Week

It is the biggest sailing event in the world with a special program in the Old City.


Middle of July

Festival day in the Dänischen Straße

An event with music from the SHMF.
In a nice atmosphere the whole family can enjoy the Dänische Straße.



Schleswig Holstein Musikfestival (SHMF)

First and last concert of the festival and
many more happen at the Kiel Castle.


July – August


6 weekends filled with music,
cultural highlights and sailing for beginners.


End of August


The Warleberger Hof and the Fischhalle
are open for a late night discovery trip.


End of Aug./Beginning of Sept.

Jazz Night

Stores are open until 11 pm

Jazz on the streets and squares of the
Old City invite to an evening shopping trip.



Mid September


The sports event with a beautiful track right
through the heart of the city and along the fjord.


Early October

Farmers- and regional market

Kiel is open for shopping on Sunday (1 pm to 6 pm)

Farmers’ products right from Schleswig-Holstein.
Furthermore live black smiths can be watched and old timer tractors are on display.