Kiels bewegte Geschichte beginnt in der Altstadt...

Stadtansicht in einem Stich um 1588The city of Kiel was founded as a trading post by Count Adolf IV of Schauenburg. After donating a Franciscan monastery, he eventually stepped down from power and retired to the monastery where he died.

Alter Markt um 1910The new trading spot in the north proved to be founded in an ideal location. It was easily accessible due to the relatively short distance to the fjord and was protected from storms. The peninsula also provided a good defensive position with the castle protecting the only access point. The castle was remodeled in the 16th century into a residential castle. Early in its history Kiel achieved international significance due to the „Kieler Umschlag“ - a money, trading and leisure fair in the center of the Old City. While trading changed over time the Old City retained its importance as a trading place.

Kieler Schloss um 1893The modern day rise of Kiel started 125 years ago, with the intensifying industrialization and the creation of the Imperial War Harbor and the subsequent deployment of the German Navy in Kiel. Since this time German Emperors and Prussian Kings, workers and soldiers, craftsmen and industrial magnets, white collar and blue collar workers as well as investors have determined Kiel’s future. From the early founding years of Kiel, about 700 years ago, barely anything is left. Almost every site from Old Kiel, that had survived the expansion and rebuilding over the centuries, was destroyed by the blazes caused by firebombing during the Second World War. From the many beautiful trading houses and noble mansions in the Old City only a handful are left today.